Does Health Really Matter If You’re Fit?

Remarkably, if you’re anything like me, you actually don’t know.

Why not?

Well, it’s likely because we get so caught up in trying to construct the ideal body, we forget to measure our health.

“So in truth, in the process of developing a better body, we sadly might forget everything about our health.” Simply puts, we’re so hectic training harder and harder to achieve the desired six-pack set of abs, and we’re working even harder running on a treadmill every morning to peel off those layers of persistent fat from our tummies … So in reality, in the process of constructing a much better body, we unfortunately may forget everything about our health.

Interestingly, many individuals think that health is a byproduct of living a life full of fitness. That health is obtained in the pursuit of developing a much better body.

So I believed too.

You may keep in mind from a previous, “Truth Matters” Editor’s Letter of mine, where I exposed one of my life’s greatest “Ah-ha minutes” … I confessed to using anabolic steroids. I’m not pleased with it. However, I wish to be truthful because in all good relationships, you have to show your warts if you wish to strengthen the relationship.

Anyhow, at the time, while to any normal passerby I must have appeared– on the outside– to be super healthy, I was actually eliminating myself on the within. Day by day, the compounds I was using were harmful my health.

It wasn’t up until years later on that I had a surprise which would turn me on to the continuous pursuit of building the very best body my genetics would enable, and later, would help me discover my function: dedicating the rest of my life to mentor others the best ways to do the exact same.

During this time, nevertheless, I learned something extensive: in life, we either move toward health or closer to death.

Sadly, in my experience, I see the majority of people decide to wait until the later almost occurs– like a cardiovascular disease hits, an ulcer strikes, or a bout of cancer emerges– prior to they put their lives in order and get on the “health-kick” bandwagon. (In some cases, unfortunately, they wait up until it’s too late though!).

” … we ‘believe’ we are healthy, however in fact, there’s a great chance we are not that healthy after all.” The reality is, there is no in-between. Yet, that’s where the majority of us live. Right smack dab in the middle. To puts it simply, we “believe” we are healthy, but in fact, there’s a likelihood we are not that healthy after all.

Make no error. Health is tough to measure. Think about it. That’s why it’s so difficult for many people to take a multivitamin. You take it. You don’t necessarily feel much healthier the next day. Or the next. Or a month later for that matter. So, you stop taking it.

On the other hand, when you take a fat-loss pill, or a creatine-based supplement, if it’s a quality product, after about a week or 2, you see obvious results. You can measure it. That’s why we so quickly fall for establishing our physiques but can forget the level of our health.

I have to confess, up till about four years earlier– when my spouse and I had our very first child– I believed I was fairly healthy. So I wasn’t extremely consumed about my health. At Thirty Years young, working out with weights regularly, consuming wise, nutritious foods, I “felt” quite healthy. Little did I understand just how much abuse those anabolic representatives, which I had actually taken control of ten years back, would have poisoned my health.

Then I went to a workshop in Denver, Colorado, where I was initially introduced to Michael F. Roizen, a preventive gerontologist from the University of Chicago. I was welcomed by some fellow entrepreneurs who, like me, worked long, demanding hours during the week, didn’t constantly get the correct quantity of sleep every night, and wanted to hear exactly what Dr. Roizen had to state about the subject of health.

Exactly what was truly appealing was, unlike what I assumed I would discover that day … I came away with more than just how healthy ( or unhealthy) I truly was: I learned something completely new … something he called our “Real Age“.

Theory of Real Age

You see, Dr. Roizen has established a scientific practice around his theory of Genuine Age. Essentially, he’s assembled a method to determine your biological age, which may, for better or even worse in a lot of cases, be a lot various than your chronological age– your calendar days.

Throughout the workshop, I discovered that Dr. Roizen had spent the last nine years assembling a list of over 100 health-related factors. Among them, tobacco and alcohol use, diet plan, prescription and over the counter drug use, your moms and dad’s health, even pet ownership and the highest educational level you have actually finished. He then vigilantly reviewed thousands upon countless scientific studies worrying different lifestyle, mental, and health-related issues and weaved all of these aspects into a questionnaire to determine your “Real Age.” Depending upon how well you take care of yourself, your Genuine Age may be years younger– or older– than the calendar indicates.

“Dr. Roizen’s objective is to help you determine how healthy, or unhealthy, you truly are– in spite of exactly what you might think about yourself– and after that offer up sound guidance on ways to correct it.”The survey is rather tough. It uses up to 45 to complete. However, in my simple opinion, it’s well worth the investment in time. And make no mistake about it, my good friend, if you’ve taken your health for given, be gotten ready for a shock.

After you finish the questionnaire, Dr. Roizen then discusses how to follow a customized “age-reduction plan” utilizing a range of methods, from quick repairs (like using a helmet while cycling) to moderately easy changes (avoid overexposure to the sun and radon direct exposure), all the way to the most hard modifications (reduce the stress in your life). You may be surprised to discover there’s no earth-shattering advice from him, by any ways. The recommendations is useful and seems almost sound judgment. What I discovered most fascinating, however, was finding what my biological age was, versus my sequential age.

Needless to say, Dr. Roizen’s objective is to assist you determine how healthy, or unhealthy, you truly are– regardless of exactly what you might think about yourself– then provide sound guidance on the best ways to remedy it. In truth, he then shows you the best ways to knock 10 to Twenty Years off the mentioned biological age, depending upon how far you exceed it.

You can take the Genuine Age test totally free, online. To calculate your Real Age, by taking the patented Genuine Age test, simply click here. As soon as you know your Real Age, you’ll receive tailored suggestions, health info, and services to assist make your Real Age younger.

By the method, it might surprise you to discover that the very first time I took the Genuine Age test, my biological age exposed a 48-year-old guy. (Remember, I simply turned 34 in August.) To say I was dissatisfied in myself would be an understatement. Just imagine. As somebody who has, for over 15 years, taught and made a conscience effort to live by the basic realities of residing in a strong, healthy body … I was ravaged.

Nevertheless taken back I was at the time, rather of blaming it solely on my chemically abusive more youthful years and accepting it as my penalty, I opted to use this distressing news to provide me with the motivation to start making fundamental modifications in my life.

Think it or not, little modifications were all that was needed.

… like using a bike helmet (which I always thought was for wimps), whenever I went on bikes trips on my mtb. I began taking CO-Q10 supplements, daily, for my heart (which I constantly disregarded because I told myself that was just for “health nuts”), despite the reality that both my grandpas had cardiovascular disease at an early age.

Once again, like I said. Bit, “healthy-minded” things.

“Making much better options not just adds years to life but, as Dr. Roizen indicates, it likewise slows your speed of aging now. The choices you have actually made previously not only impact your life expectancy however likewise your Real Age.”These little things, as they added up, started to make a significant distinction in my biological age. In reality, throughout the last 3 years, I’m happy to say my Genuine Age is now below my chronological age. I’m 30 in Genuine Age.

Consider it. It makes perfect sense, doesn’t it ?! Making much better options not just includes years to life but, as Dr. Roizen suggests, it also slows your speed of aging now. The choices you have actually made until now not just affect your life span but likewise your Real Age.

So, does your dedication to fitness and the looks of your body define your level of health? I make certain you wish to think so. However, besides routine sees to your primary physician for yearly “check-ups,” how sure are you about your general health?

Would not you want to know?

Discovering balance in between fitness and health is the trademark of living in a strong, healthy body … and living your outright best life!